29 April 2012

Choose Drill / Drill Dich

First paragraph excerpt from, Nº 034, Ingo Niermann – Choose Drill, Introduction: Chus Martínez

"Imagine living your life automatically; imagine that everything you do is like putting on your clothes—a combination of routine and basic thought that after many million repetitions now belongs to a realm located between reality and dream. Life is largely constituted of the continuous reperforming of single actions that share one trait in common: none of them is of true indifference to us, yet none really interests us. However, what is interesting is the weaving of these exercises of memory with potential invention—every morning we remember how to dress, how to make coffee, how to drink it from a cup, how to place it on the table, how to take it to our lips again, how to leave it on the table . . . but we also know that things could be completely different. The sum of these automatic acts, far from showing that human memory is like a mere recording machine, reminds us of an important fact: memory is imagination. We are always reinventing our lives as we live them. Every morning we reinvent how to dress and to drink and to kiss good-bye. This means that human memory is not a device, but a faculty of the mind that works closely with imagination, and on the same terms as invention. In other words, imagination, invention, and memory are part of the same process…" (pp. 2 – 3)

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