21 September 2009

Disappear here

"Susan is wearing a white T-shirt with the words LOS ANGELES written on it in red handwriting that looks like blood that hasn´t quite dried, dripping."

"Rachel steps out of the darkness, wearing sweats and a revealing T-shirt with the words LOS ANGELES on it, the flower from earlier still in her hair."

"Danny is wearing a pair of khaki shorts and a FOOTLOOSE T-shirt he got the night of the premiere party at the studio his father is executive in charge of production at."

"He´s waering a Polo bathing suit and a T-shirt that has CALIFORNIA written across it in bright-blue letters, a T-shirt I bought him last year, and he has glasses on and doesn´t seem surprised to find me standing outside his door."

"The cameraman says 'Smoke machine busted' again and one of the girls from outside walks in and if anyone has seen her KAJAGOOGOO T-shirt lying around anywhere and then if Martin needs to use her anymore."

"I get out of bed and put on a pair of Bermuda shorts and a FLIP T-shirt and take the elevator down to the lobby, put on my sunglasses since my eyes are puffy."

"I wipe sweat off my forehead and watch as the girl, unfazed, walks over to a palm tree and leans against it, her white T-shirt with the word CALIFORNIA on it soaked with sweat [...]."

(Ellis, The Informers)

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