20 June 2009


  1. Women with multiple personalities
  2. Autism
  3. Big Breasts
  4. Interview with the President (repeat)
  5. Real-Life Rambos
  6. Perfumes and Lipsticks and Makeups
  7. Descendants of members of the Donner Party
  8. UFOs That Kill
  9. The possibility of a nuclear war
  10. Toddler-Murderers
  11. Nazis
  12. Women who´ve had mastectomies
  13. Dwarf Tossing
  14. Aerobic Exercise
  15. Concentration Camp Survivors
  16. Salad Bars
  17. Has Patrick Swayze Become Cynical of Not?
  18. Talking Animals
  19. Interview with Donald Trump / Women who´ve been tortured
  20. Best restaurants in the Middle East
  21. The Patty Winters Shows were all repeats.
  22. People Who Weigh Over Seven Hundred Pounds - What Can We Do About Them?
  23. Tips on How Your Pet Can Become A Movie Star? (repeat)
  24. A boy who fell in love with a box of soap
  25. Princess Di´s beauty tips
  26. Spuds McKenzie
  27. A machine that lets people talk to the dead
  28. Home Abortion Kits
  29. Interview with a man who set his daughter on fire while she was giving birth
  30. Beautiful Teenage Lesbians
  31. Men who´ve been raped by women
  32. People with half their brains removed
  33. Feature on Axel Rose / Patty reading Ted Bundys letters
  34. Interview with Bigfoot
  35. Interview with a Cheerio
  36. Girls in the fourth grade who trade sex for crack
  37. ...The Patty Winters Show, which is now on in the afternoon and is up against Geraldo Rivera, Phil Dunahue and Oprah Winfrey
Themen/Inhalte der The Patty Winters Show aus: Bret Easton Ellis, American Psycho, Picador 1991. Die Aufzählung/Reihenfolge enstpricht der Nennung im Roman. Keine Garantie auf Vollständigkeit.

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  1. eine weitere, bessere, nachhaltigere möglichkeit (und vieles mehr), wie man mit diesem werk umgeht, finden Sie hier: http://www.welt.de/kultur/literarischewelt/article4139780/Kracht-Wer-sonst-soll-die-Welt-verbessern.html


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